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      Alzheimer's Disease

      Published September, 2014

      Memory loss, and its resultant loss of identity, are painful in any social context. However, dementia seems to have an even greater impact in a society like ours where cognitive activity is greater than at any other time in the history of humanity. Understanding this radical and dehumanizing loss of memory is important in improving the lives of millions. And that's why World Alzeimer Month was established. As in other blogs, I'd like to suggest a few "natural" pointers on this issue and invite you to do a search on our web site for more information.

      Research has associated the increase of the incidence of Alzheimer's on the accrued presence of various foreign chemicals, also called xenobiotics. Reducing the damage xenobiotics may cause to the body and helping to eliminate them more effectively are therefore important strategies when trying to prevent Alzheimer's type dementia. Increasing your consumption of antioxydants such as pomegranate, billberry and aged garlic extract (A.G.E.) will ensure accrued protection while regular light cleaning or detoxification will help eliminate the xenobiotics.

      From the herbal point of vue, the herb, ginkgo biloba is one of the best researched herb when it comes to preventing dementia. In Germany, more than 5 millions Ginkgo prescriptions are written yearly for the treatment of dementia, cerebral decline and peripheral arterial insufficiency. A natural molecule, homotaurine (marketed as ViviMind) has also shown positive effects in preventing Alzheimer's and in reducing memory loss in the initial stages of the disease.

      Alzheimer's can be prevented. Let's fight back - naturally.