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      Getting back into shape for summer.

      Published April, 2014

      In most of us the dawn of spring awakens the urge to get back into shape. Part of it may be due to vanity, our bodily flaws are more evident as we wear less clothing, and part of it may also be due to the realisation that being fit is being healthy. Unfortunately, for a lot of people getting back into shape is almost exclusively associated with weight loss through either calorie restriction, increased calorie expenditure, or both.  This is unfortunate for several reasons. Though the equation of calories consumed versus calories expended is an important one, healthy weight management - I prefer the term instead of weight loss - is not just about the mathematics of calories control. Indeed, many other factors have an impact on your weight and your capacity to manage it effectively.

      Your metabolic rate. If your metabolic rate is low, you may need to eat far less and exercise far more than someone else who has a higher metabolic rate in order to achieve the same weight loss. Yes, I've just used "weight loss" instead of weight management; it just gets the message through better here!

      The presence or absence of delayed food sensitivities. Unidentified food sensitivities can affect your metabolism via their impact on thyroid function and/or insulin resistance.

      The sources of your calories, not just the calories themselves. It's not primarily the amount of calories that affect our weight. The type of calories is far more important. A small amount of calories from sugar, for example, can be far more detrimental to overall weight management than a significantly greater amount of calories from protein.

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