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      The (microbial) apocalypse is at our door!

      Published May, 2014

      According to news reported by the CBC on April 30th, we are headed towards a microbial apocalypse.

      CBC News: World headed for 'apocalyptic' post-antibiotic era, WHO warns.

      "A post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries can kill, far from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the 21st century," Fukuda said in the forward of the report."

      When are we going to learn? In my book Candida Albicans, published in the late 90s I had already suggested that if we did not take care to increase our natural immunity, yeast infections would be minimal compared to the new immune challenges. Since then we have had SARS, mad cow decease, Lyme disease, west Nile virus, flesh eating bacteria and now, antibiotic resistance. Read my article "Natural Immunity: the End Goal."

      Yes, antibiotics have, and continue, to save lives. However, we cannot count on these alone. indeed, we must, if we are to have an optimal health, ensure that our immune system is functioning optimally. This can be done naturally, by reducing our consumption of sugar, ensuring a health intestinal microflora and supplementing our diet with immune enhancing nutraceuticals. As far as the latter is concerned, aged garlic extract (A.G.E.) benefits from studies published in over 700 medical and scientific publications worldwide. Many of these studies have highlighted aged garlic extracts very positive effects in enhancing immunity. Read my article "Aged Garlic Extract and Stress."