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      30 tablets
      Available at our clinic only
      A.G.E. promotes cardiovascular health and immune function, and supports liver function. It is also an antioxidant.


      1,000 mg aged garlic extract.


      Aged Garlic Extract™ (A.G.E.) is made from organically grown garlic bulbs that are aged using a unique, natural extraction process. This process, which takes about 20 months, eliminates the characteristic odours of the garlic and creates the beneficial properties that are solely found in A.G.E.

      A.G.E. has been the subject of over 700 scientific studies, making it undoubtedly the most seriously investigated nutritional supplement in the scientific community.

      Aged Garlic Extract™ helps maintain healthy blood flow, improve cholesterol levels and reduce homocysteine levels, and promotes overall heart health. A.G.E. also provides significant support to the immune system.

      Several studies showing its significant benefits for the cardiovascular system have been conducted in Germany (Dr. Weiss at the University of Munich), the US (Dr. Budoff at UCLA) and Australia (Dr. Reid at the University of Adelaide). As for the effects of A.G.E. on the immune system, a study by Dr. Percival at the University of Florida in Gainesville has shown it to be very effective at reducing the severity and duration of colds and flu.


      Helps reduce most risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease (e.g. cholesterol, high blood pressure, homocysteines and triglycerides).

      Improves the immune system's capacity to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi (including Candida albicans).

      Helps support the liver and liver function. Helps minimize damage caused by medications, such as acetaminophen.

      Has significant antioxidant properties.

      To be used as a basic supplement for heart and liver health and increased immunity.

      Reduces cold and flu symptoms.

      Mitigates the side effects of stress, especially on the cardiovascular system.

      A.G.E. also helps the body eliminate mercury.

      Warning / Notes

      Avoid taking if you are allergic to garlic.

      May be used in conjunction with DC 14 or DC 55 in the case of an infection.

      May be used with magnesium (DC 22 or DC 37) in the case of cardiovascular problems.