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      100 ml
      Available at our clinic only
      DC13 (Goldenrod Combo). This traditional herbal formula supports healthy bladder mucosae during infections or inflammation.


      Extracts of goldenrod, bearberry, echinachea, marshmallow root, couch grass, boneset, horsetail and yarrow in a water and organic grain alcohol base.

      Organically-grown or wildcrafted herbs.


      This traditional herbal formula supports healthy bladder mucosae, reduces local inflammation, fights bacteria and increases urine flow.

      Goldenrod is a plant that is recognized for its effects on the urinary system. It promotes urine flow and reduces inflammation. The German Commission E has officially recognized its benefits.

      Bearberry has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects on the kidneys and urinary tract. Like goldenrod, its effects have been recognized by the Commission E and the World Health Organization (WHO).

      While echinachea is well documented for helping to support the immune system and is recognized for its benefits by the Commission E and WHO, it is also known for its ability to promote mucosa and skin repair. It plays a key role in maintaining the urinary system mucosae.

      The effects of these three important herbs are enhanced by the addition of marshmallow root (soothes irritated mucosae), couch grass (an emollient and diuretic), boneset (an emollient and diuretic), horsetail (a diuretic and source of silica), which promotes mucosa repair, and yarrow (anti-inflammatory).

      The combined use of these herbs helps fight bacteria, reduces inflammation, soothes the mucosae and promotes their repair.



      Interstitial cystitis.

      Recurring urinary tract infections.

      Warning / Notes

      Does not replace the need for appropriate medical care.

      Let steep in hot water to remove the alcohol.

      Not to be used when pregnant or breastfeeding, or in the event of chronic kidney disease.

      Not to be used by individuals suffering from an auto-immune disease.

      May be taken with DC 14 in order to increase its infection-fighting effects.