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      OBESOGENS - The missing link in weight loss.

      Published January, 2017

      One of the most common New Year resolutions, and the one most often put to the test, is to lose weight. Indeed, losing weight is not as simple as we might think because several factors play an important role in weight gain. Calorie intake, food intolerances and metabolism affect our ability to lose weight as do obesogens. It is to these generally unknown compounds that I would like to draw your attention.

      An obesogen is a chemical substance that promotes weight gain. And, an increasing number of scientific studies indicate that various pollutants and chemical additives act as obesogens. These substances accumulate gradually in the body and begin, even in minute doses, to disrupt hormonal balance as well as metabolism. This is where a detoxification program, undertaken before or during your weight loss, can help.

      The pH Santé Beauté Detoxification Program supports healthy weight loss by helping to eliminate these obesogens. It consists of three herbal tinctures that help the body detoxify while supporting the liver (DC26) and kidneys (DC13), two organs used in the elimination of toxins. The Program also helps strengthen the lymphatic system (Lymphea Tonik), also instrumental in the elimination of excess fat. These products can be used with the diet recommendations that come with the Program or with your weight-loss program of your choice.