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      WHO - Sugar intake

      Published March, 2016

      Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has called on countries to reduce sugar consumption for children and adults. Indeed this prestigous organization has asked countries to encourage the reduction of sugar intake to as low as 5% of their total energy intake.1

      That means 100 calories from an average 2000 calories diet. Presently, the average North-American actually consumes over 500 calories from sugar, five times what is now recommended. Excess sugar reduces immune function, disrupts hormonal function, speeds up the aging process, and yes, reduces energy.

      I have to admit that I am particularly frustrated by these new standards. Indeed, as early as 1986 I stated, in my book Candida Albicans,2 that we were consuming far too much sugar in our normal diet. How long does it take for agencies like the WHO to finally wake up and admit to these excesses? How much information does it take for these ivory tower researchers to accept good common sense research? One has to wonder!

      Well anyway, we MUST reduce sugar intake considerably if we are to have optimal health.
      2 Crisafi, Daniel Candida Albicans (1986)