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      Irritable bowel syndrome (see section on Irritable Bowel Syndrome).


      Constipation (from the Latin constipation, meaning "crowding together") is characterized by difficulty defecating. Stools are generally hard and small in size.

      There are several medical definitions of the disorder, the most common being "fewer than 3 bowel movements per week and/or difficulty during defecation." From a naturopathic perspective, constipation can also be described as having less than one bowel movement per day, with or without effort.

      Everyone should have at least one effortless, normal bowel movement per day. Having less frequent bowel movements can be considered constipation.

      The main contributing factors include: food intolerances (see our article on Food Allergies), insufficient hydration, insufficient fibre, a poorly functioning liver, abnormal intestinal flora, a magnesium deficiency, and lack of exercise.

      Dietary Considerations

      Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of purified water (filtered or spring water) per day. Avoid as many simple sugars as possible. Be sure to get enough fibre and to exercise. Make sure your lunch and dinner consist of 50% to 60% vegetables.


      • DC 22 or DC 37
      • DC 26
      • DC 36