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      Ulcerative colitis.


      Colitis is a chronic inflammation of the digestive tract, affecting primarily the colon and rectal membranes.

      Damage that can lead to colitis may be due to an overly acidic system, food intolerances (see our article on Food Allergies), a lack of reparative substances, such as amino glycans, or excess dietary sugars.

      From a naturopathic perspective, it is ideal to determine and eliminate the causes and promote membrane repair.

      Dietary Considerations

      Avoid wheat, dairy products, simple sugars, citrus fruits and fruit juices. Also avoid any by-products of these foods. You may need to avoid fibre for a period of time. In that case, opt for vegetable juices and steamed or lightly cooked vegetables. You may also need to avoid all fruits and natural sugars (e.g. molasses, honey and maple syrup). Avoid processed foods and junk food.


      • DC 22 or DC 37
      • DC 35
      • DC 43
      • DC 16
      • DC 36