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      Ovarian cyst, breast cyst.


      A cyst is a closed sac, having a distinct membrane, which develops abnormally in a cavity or structure of the body. It may contain air, fluids or other materials, including encysted parasites.

      An ovarian cyst is a small ball filled with fluid that develops within an ovary. It is a very common occurrence, usually discovered by chance during imaging (e.g. an ultrasound). Ovarian cysts are usually benign.

      A breast cyst contains fluid produced in the mammary glands. It tends to become hard and sensitive before menstrual periods.

      Both ovary and breast cysts generally develop because of a problem metabolizing estrogen. A naturopathic approach therefore aims to help regulate the metabolism in order to reduce its effects.

      Dietary Considerations

      Avoid soy and soy by-products. Eliminate simple sugars and processed foods. Do not drink more than 200 ml of coffee per day. Be sure to eat protein at every meal. Make sure your lunch and dinner consist of 50% to 60% vegetables. Opt for vegetables from the cabbage family (e.g. Cauliflower, Chinese cabbage and Brussels sprouts) and their by-products, such as sauerkraut.


      • DC 22 or DC 37
      • DC 24
      • DC 15
      • DC 26


      • A one- to two-week detoxification program is recommended at the onset.