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      Interstitial cystitis, urinary tract infection.


      Cystitis is characterized by an inflammation of the bladder. It is most often caused by bacteria (i.e. coliforms, or fungi naturally found in the intestine), but may also be the result of a toxic agent from anti-cancer drugs or radiation therapy. Cystitis frequently affects women, as the female body has a short urethra, which increases the risk of a urinary infection.

      In most cases, cystitis, like vaginitis, begins in the intestine. In the case of bacterial cystitis, bacteria can easily travel from the rectal area to the genital-urinary area and affect the bladder via the urethra. Antibiotics will temporarily relieve the problem, but as they disturb the body's normal intestinal flora, they can increase one's predisposition to cystitis.

      Dietary Considerations

      • Avoid sugars, dairy products and acidic foods.
      • Also avoid potatoes and soy.


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