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      Lymphatic Congestion




      The lymphatic system is a one-way circulatory network made up of lymphatic vessels (called the lymphatic network), which originate in the body's tissues and extend to the lymph nodes, enabling circulation and cleansing of the lymph and, to some extent, the decomposition of insoluble particles.

      It is also made up of all the organs that house the majority of white blood cells, i.e. the lymph nodes, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue and bone marrow, as well as organs such as the spleen and thymus. These tissues are all lymphoid tissues, with the exception of bone marrow.

      Lymphedema is characterized by a swelling of a large part of the body due to the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the connective tissues. It can occur when the lymphatic vessels are damaged or obstructed, or when the lymph nodes have been removed. Secondary lymphedema is related to damage or trauma caused by an accident, surgery, a serious infection or radiation therapy.

      This system plays a key role in our immunity. It filters out and destroys foreign substances and cellular debris, and it produces white blood cells, called lymphocytes.

      The first goal of a naturopathic approach is to improve lymphatic circulation, then clear out any congested lymph nodes.

      Dietary Considerations

      Eliminate processed foods and saturated fats. Avoid too much animal protein. Avoid preservatives, colours and other artificial additives. Drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water (e.g. filtered or spring water) per day.


      • DC 26
      • DC 13
      • Detoxification (use DC 26 & DC 13 together)


      • Muscle training, exercises using gravitation equipment (e.g. a mini-trampoline or Power Plate) and lymphatic drainage massages are useful in improving lymphatic circulation.