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      Raynaud's Disease


      Carpal tunnel syndrome.


      Raynaud's disease is a condition affecting blood flow to the extremities, such as the fingers, toes, nose and ears, particularly when exposed to temperature changes or stress.

      Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel, which is located on the inner surface of the wrist. Symptoms may include numbness in the first three fingers.

      Dr. John Ellis, a world-renowned American surgeon, claims that a nutritional approach has been very successful in minimizing the symptoms and even reversing these conditions.

      The approaches to treating both conditions are very similar, with just a few minor variants.

      Dietary Considerations

      Reduce your consumption of simple sugars (i.e. white and brown sugar, honey and corn syrup). Limit your consumption of alcohol and coffee. Reduce your consumption of saturated fats. Eat an alkaline diet (see section on Acidosis).


      • DC 52
      • DC 22 or DC 37
      • A.G.E.


      • Carpal tunnel syndrome: DC 23 can help improve the condition of the carpal tunnel.
      • Vitamine B6 (pyridoxine) 100-200 mg