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      Acid Alkaline Balance Foods Chart

      Balancing your acid/alkaline ratio is especially critical when you are challenged with the effects of stress. The table below provides a simple list of acid or alkaline forming foods. You can use this information to make the healthiest nutrition choices to support health and stress management.

      Acid / alkaline food chart

      CategoryAlkaline formingAcid formingNeutralVariable
      Cereal grains
      (used in the making of breakfast cereals, noodles and pasta, breads, cookies, pies, bagels, etc.,)Millet and sprouted cereal grains.All cereal grains except millet: (buckwheat, corn, oats, brown rice, spelt, kamut, white rice, rye, whole wheat, white flour, enriched flour) and everything made with these.Wild rice. 
      These include aromatic herbs and spicesAll vegetables except potatoes and tomatoes.  Potatoes and tomatoes may be acid forming or alkaline depending on the type and the soil conditions. In the case of tomatoes it also depends on whether they have been tree ripened or not.
       All fruits except cranberries and grapefruits lemons, limes and oranges that have not been tree ripened.Cranberries Strawberries when not picked ripe. Grapefruits lemons, limes and oranges and strawberries depending on when they were picked.
       Almonds and chestnutsAll nuts except almonds and chestnuts  
      Sprouted seeds and pumpkin seeds.All seeds, including quinoa, except sprouted seeds and pumpkin seeds.   
      Legumes (Beans)
       Fermented or sprouted soya products.All legumes, including peanuts and non-fermented soya.  
       Certain high quality organic fermented yogurts and kefirs and low fat cottage cheese. Goat's whey.All higher fat dairy products and all "processed" dairy products made with milk solids and milk by-products.All non-processed, low fat, dairy products.Whey protein - depending on the quality of the protein used and the manufacturing process, may be acid forming, neutral or lightly alkaline.
       Free range, organically fed chicken eggs.   
       Chicken and turkey breastChicken, duck, grouse, turkey.  
        Beef, bison, lamb, sheep, pork, rabbit, wild game.  
        Vegetable juices with the exception of some commercial products containing tomato juice. Fresh fruit juices. Green tea. Water.Coffee, soft drinks (pop), all alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor), commercial fruit juices.Black tea.
       Apple cider vinegar (organic).All oils and fats. All vinegars except organic apple cider vinegar. All sweeteners except unrefined agave, maple syrup, non-pasteurized honey and raw cane sugar.Unrefined agave nectar, maple syrup, non-pasteurized honey and raw cane sugar. 

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