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      Aged Garlic Extract and Stress

      If the word panacea could be attributed to one supplement, it would be to aged garlic extract. Few, if any, have benefited from as many scientific studies, published in major prestigious journals. None have demonstrated such a wide array of effects, all of which are supported by serious scientific studies. Over 700 scientific publications have highlighted aged garlic extract’s effectiveness.

      Aged garlic extract is, along with magnesium, the most prescribed supplement at our clinic. I have been using aged garlic extract for my children, for my patients and for myself, for over 25 years. Though I have worked with many different brands of supplements over the years, A.G.E. is the only one on which I have never waivered or changed my mind. Here’s why.

      Aged garlic extract is not your regular food or food supplement garlic. This unique garlic supplement has undergone significant chemical changes through a natural aging process that takes almost two years. A.G.E. is produced from American, organically grown garlic, which is aged in stainless steel tanks for up to 20 months. During the aging the natural enzymatic reactions transform the garlic into A.G.E. A little like the transformation of grapes to wine or milk to yogurt, though the analogy is far from perfect. During this aging process the harsh and irritating garlic compounds, including allicin1 , are converted into safe and beneficial ones. From social point of view, aged garlic extract doesa not have the pungent garlic after odor, which is why it is often referred to as “sociable garlic”. Mind you, I have absolutely nothing against garlic as a food. I am half Italian after all! However, the aging process does create an entirely novel type of supplement. The image below details some of the effects of the aging process. 


      As mentioned earlier, A.G.E. has demonstrated a wide range of effects. Though I will not bore you with the 700 or so publications that highlight aged garlic’s effectiveness, I would like, to briefly mention some of its documented effects.

      Anticancer: I am referring here of course to the cancer preventative and protective effects2 3 ,  of A.G.E., not to its therapeutic effects. Physicians have used aged garlic extract as an adjunct to cancer therapy. A group of patients with inoperable cancers were given aged garlic extract for 6 months. Administration of aged garlic significantly improved their immune function4.  

      Antioxidant: Aged garlic extract has exhibited important antioxidant activity5 6. One of the effects is due to the presence of S-allyl cysteine, an import precursor of glutathione7. The S-allyl cysteine in aged garlic extract has a 98% absorption rate8.

      Liver protectant: Aged garlic extract was found to protect liver cells from the toxicity of several drugs, including acetaminophen9  and methotrexate10.    

      Immune enhancement: Several studies have shown that A.G.E. has significant immune enhancing activity. These effects have been demonstrated against bacteria, viruses as well as candida albicans. Recent research undertaken at the University of Florida at Gainesville has also highlighted the immune enhancing effectiveness of aged garlic extract in reducing the severity and duration of the cold and flu.11

      Cardiovascular health: You will remember that one of the most detrimental effects of stress is that it increases the risk of the metabolic syndrome. The symptoms of this syndrome being high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, low HDL, high triglycerides as well as elevated blood sugar. A.G.E. is an invaluable tool when it comes to addressing the metabolic syndrome, here’s why. Research on aged garlic extract has demonstrated its ability to normalize blood pressure in patients with bad uncontrolled hypertension12. Research undertaken by Dr. Matthew Budoff has demonstrated that A.G.E. helps reduce calcium buildup in the coronary artery, 13lowers inflammation of the arteries14, improves blood vessel function15, and decreases the amount of metabolically active fat tissue surrounding the heart. Many studies have also shown that aged garlic extract lowers LDL cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol16 in ways that are similar to those of statin drugs17 . Furthermore, in animal studies aged garlic extract was able to lower stress-induced blood sugar18 as well as reduce the complications of diabetes itself19. A.G.E. was also shown to reduce fatigue and increase vitality20, and interesting effect for those who are, or have been affected by stress21. In a clinical study in Japan, hospitalized patients showed improved stress symptoms related to their conditions, following intake of aged garlic extract as well as the B vitamins, B1 and B1222.

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