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      Published [december], 2015

      Previously, I mentioned the consequences of subclinical acidosis as well as certain general recommendations to help correct it.  To find out more about the dietary changes that should be made, I suggest you consult my “Table of Acid and Alkaline Foods” at In regards to which supplements to take to increase the beneficial effects of the alkaline diet, note that magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese are all alkalinizing.

      This is my last blog post on subclinical acidosis.  Two final points should also be pointed out. Stress significantly increases acidity in the body. To mitigate its effects, participate in activities which use the right side of the brain – activities deemed “artistic” or “intuitive”.  Also, consider a regular exercise program because exercise, with the exception of running, helps to eliminate acids and reduce stress. For more information, consult my latest book, "Syndrome S".