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      Milk Intake?

      Published [december], 2015

      I’m always fascinated at how slowly conventional medicine acts or reacts to solid scientific information. This especially when the information contradicts medical “facts”. The idea that drinking milk can be healthy is a good case in point. In my book on Candida, written in the late 80’s I mentioned that we should not drink milk. Of course, I was held to task for promoting the heresy that drinking milk might be unhealthy. Well, almost thirty years later, the prestigious British Medical Journal has published the results of an extensive study on dairy consumption. The extensiveness of the study can be understood by realizing that there were over 100,000 participants aged 35-79 years of age involved and the study was undertaken over an average of 20.1 years.

      The conclusion of the extensive study shows that cheese and yogurt are either neutral or even beneficial, unless you’re intolerant to dairy of course. High milk intake, however, was shown to be associated with a higher mortality rate, and yes, with a higher fracture incidence in women.

      I’ve been saying for three decades, eat your dairy, do not drink milk.