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      Holiday Excess

      Published [december], 2015

      It's the holiday season and with the holiday season comes holiday excess.  

      Of course, these excess are relative.  For some, that piece of pie and two glasses of wine are not an issue.  For others, excesses will have effects that might last several days. The following blog posts will provide tips and tricks to minimize the impact of this “joyous cheating”. 

      If you have strong food intolerance, it is best to abstain as much as possible from “cheating” over the holidays.  For others, the best thing is to follow a “detox” diet for 48 hours before a heavy meal or a night on the town. Eating this way will help you avoid overloading the liver and the digestive system, allowing you a greater margin of maneuverability at festive events. 

      Certain plants, such as milk thistle, can help improve liver function and thus help the liver handle excess food and/or the greater consumption of alcohol.  Taking this plant for several days after the festive meal can also help you recuperate more quickly.  Don't forget that supplementing with magnesium reduces headaches and other side effects related to alcohol consumption.