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      Breast Cancer


      Breast cancer is characterized by a malignant tumour in the mammary gland. In other words, it originates in the ducto/lobular cells of the breast, which are the milk-producing cells, and occurs predominantly in women (it occurs 200 times less often in men, who also have breasts, though they are much smaller).

      While 5% to 10% of cancers have a genetic link, 85% to 90% of cases (which are non-hereditary) have environmental origins.

      A large percentage of non-hereditary breast cancer cases are the result of hormonal treatments or imbalances in women who have a predisposition to this type of cancer. Certain lifestyle choices (e.g. consumption of alcohol, free radicals or trans fats, and lack of exercise) are also contributing factors.

      Dietary Considerations

      Significantly reduce your consumption of simple sugars. Substantially increase the amount of vegetables in your diet. Eat alkaline foods and avoid as many chemical additives (e.g. preservatives, colours, sweeteners and flavours) as possible.

      Avoid sources of phytoestrogen (plant estrogen), such as soy (and all soy by-products) and flaxseed.

      Avoid saturated fats and fried foods. In some cases, dairy products should also be avoided.


      • A.G.E.
      • DC 37
      • DC 35
      • DC 14 or DC 55
      • DC 18
      • DC 24


      • The DC 24 supplement is used as a source of indoles in order to help prevent a recurrence. It is only to be used as a preventive measure or following chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
      • Also see the section on "Cancer (general)."


      • Most supplements cannot be used during chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The only documented exceptions are aged garlic extract (A.G.E.) and magnesium (DC 37).