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      Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, and non-specific pain or inflammation.


      Fibromyalgia, or idiopathic diffuse polyalgia syndrome, is characterized by chronic muscle pain (diffuse myalgias), either widespread or localized in particular areas of the body, which manifests itself as painful to the touch or persistent fatigue and can lead to invalidity. It is often accompanied by depression and insomnia.

      Contrary to what some believe, fibromyalgia is not psychological, although one of the effects of constant pain and insomnia is depression.

      The positive effects of naturopathy in treating fibromyalgia are well documented. This disease is often caused by one or more of the following factors: acidosis, serotonin and magnesium deficiencies caused by stress and food intolerances, heavy metal poisoning and a build-up of xenobiotics in the tissues.

      Dietary Considerations

      Eliminate processed foods, simple sugars and saturated fats. Eliminate nightshade plants (e.g. eggplant, bell peppers, potatoes and tomatoes). Eat protein at every meal and make sure your lunch and dinner consist of 50% to 60% vegetables.


      • DC 22 or DC 37
      • DC 45
      • DC 52


      • Check for heavy metal poisoning, food allergies or sensitivities (see our article on Food Allergies), as well as reactions to dental fillings (mercury). Chiropractic or osteopathic care may also be needed.
      • Coenzyme Q19 can be very helpful as well.